Hanjst Configurations

Runtime Settings

Except from what we have introduced in previous section, there are some other variables which can be set as custom values.

window.HanjstDefault = {
	//- variables from response starting with this, e.g. $pageTitle
	"TplVarTag": "$", 
	//- an html element id which holds server response json data
	"JsonDataId": "Hanjstjsondata", 
	//- inner usage
	"LogTag": "Hanjst", 
	//- inner usage
	"ParseTag": "__JSTPL__", 
	//- verbose output in console 
	"IsDebug": false, 
	//- override random string in client side
	"RandomString": "myRandomStr"

Keys listed in above can be set in window.Hanjst before the main source file, i.e., Hanjst.js .

However it is highly-recommended to keep them untouched due to unexpected or unknown warnings or errors.

Available Variables

Hanjst provides a few environmental values via this keys:

$copyright_year : current year’s value in four digits, e.g. 2020

$time_stamp : current time stamp since 1970, in millisecond.

  1. Hanjst in -GitHub

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